Jessica Lowndes loves London - because it has the same chocolate as Canada.

The '90210' star loves living in Los Angeles but one of the downsides to life in Hollywood is that they don't sell the same candy as her hometown of Vancouver in Canada.

Luckily, the UK capital has similar confectionery so when her English friends visit her in the US they always bring her lots of chocolate.

Speaking to Drafted magazine, she said: ''I love London. I love the culture here. I love the buildings, and the red telephone boxes, and the parks in the middle of the city, and the picnic tables outside pubs. I love it all. It reminds me of Vancouver. There are a lot of cultural similarities - similar weather, similar people - and the same chocolate bars. You can't get good chocolate bars in LA. My closest friends live in London so whenever they come over, I make them bring lots of chocolate.''

The 24-year-old actress moved to LA to pursue her dreams of stardom at the tender age of just 17.

Although it took Jessica - who was home schooled from LA in her senior year in high school and had an online principle - a few months to get used to the city, she realised feeling homesick was the price she had to pay to achieve her dream.

Recalling her life-changing move, Jessica - who has also released several songs, including 'Fool' - revealed: ''It was weird. I was 17; all my friends were still in high school, back in Canada and I was there having dinner with a 30-year-old man every night because he was my manager and the only person I knew. It was hard to get used to and I got kind of homesick. But it was great. I had no fear. I always knew I wanted to be there ... I didn't think twice (really), and it's weird, because now I think back to what I did at that age and it terrifies me. But I knew that I wanted to act and I loved to sing, and the opportunity was there.''