Jessica Lange is determined to carry on her anti-war and anti-President George W Bush stance - even though it almost cost her her life. The actress has opposed the war since US troops first went into Iraq, and she reveals her views have made her a hate target for pro-war, pro-Bush Americans. The 57-year-old says, "George Bush really has whipped up the most poisonous scenario of neighbor against neighbor over the war in Iraq. It's disgusting. "There were times when it was really lovely to be out there and against the war. But then I had anti-war stickers on my car and some big f**king pick-up with an American flag tried to drive me off the road. It was scary and I was scared." She even accuses the media of picking on her, adding, "My anti-war work started four years ago when the drums were beating. The few of us who really spoke out at the time took such a beating in the press - even the liberal press - and on CNN; I was on a CNN news program with an arms inspector who had been in Iraq, and we were treated like s**t."