Actress Jessica Chastain is getting as much sleep as she can before the Hollywood awards season because she'll be flying back and forth to New York to honour her Broadway commitments.

The Help star, who has already picked up a number of awards and nominations for her role in Zero Dark Thirty, is currently leading the cast of New York City theatre hit The Heiress - and she is scheduled to remain on stage until February (13).

But after scooping a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress on Thursday (13Dec12), Chastain confesses her understudy will likely have to step in to fill her shoes on several nights - because she can't be in two places at once.

She tells USA Today, "I don't want to let anyone down. However, we have a really great group of people and (they are) so supportive. I'm stressed out about the possibility of missing a show, but I have an amazing, amazing understudy and I'm really proud of her for being able to make her Broadway debut, because she's incredibly talented."

However, one thing's for sure - the 35 year old is psyched about getting the chance to wear pretty gowns, adding, "I never got invited to my prom at my school, so I never had the opportunity to dress up when I was younger... And now being able to go to the Golden Globes, it just means not only is it such a beautiful thing to be recognised for playing this incredible woman, Maya, now it's like, 'I get to wear pretty dresses...!'"