Jessica Chastain is ''obsessed'' with finding her grandmother a boyfriend.

The 39-year-old actress lived with her grandmother Marilyn when she first moved to Los Angeles and dubbed her as her ''best friend'', but has admitted she set up a profile on a dating website in order to find her elderly relative someone special.

Speaking on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on Thursday (17.11.16), the 'Zero Dark Thirty' actress said: ''My grandmother is one of my best friends in the world. So I thought, 'We're gonna move to LA and we're gonna hang out and it'll be nice to have my grandmother there for some support'.

''But then I became obsessed with finding my grandma a boyfriend. So I would do photo shoots with my grandma and take all these pictures. And then I did a secret profile on

''Guys would call her and ask her if she wanted to go out at that moment, and I was like 'No, you have to play a little hard to get.' I would give her advice. But it didn't work, because she doesn't have a boyfriend.''

'The Martian' actress then enlisted the help of the show's host James, 38, to send out a message to anyone watching who might be interested in dating her grandmother.

She said: ''Anyone who has a really handsome grandpa, or anyone! Let's say 80 [years old] is the oldest.

''She has a huge crush on Matthew Mcconaughey, and she has a picture of her and Al Pacino at her bedside table. So she's got high standards. Let's say the cut off [for the youngest] is 45 [years old]. Just don't be a pervert please. You can send your inquiries to James Corden.''