Jessica Chastain could possibly play Princess Diana in a new film directed by German director Oliver Hirschbiegel; the film would centre on the late royal's relationship with heart surgeon DR. Hasnat Khan, a two year affair that allegedly ended in 1997 a few months before Diana's tragic death in August of that year. Hirschbiegel is no stranger to handling the stories of controversial public figures; it was he who famously directed 'Downfall', based on the last days of Adolf Hitler's life.
Indiewire is reporting that the film, which came to light at the American Film Market, is already preparing to shoot in a number of locations including Pakistan, Angola, the South of France and Paris - where the Princess of course died in a car crash with her-then boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed. It has a rumoured budget of $15 million.
Should the 30 year-old Chastain get the role, it'll be the latest step in what's been a remarkable ascension in just three years; the actress only starred in her first film in 2008 but has since gone to star as Mrs. O'Brien in this year's 'The Tree of Life' - a film that went down wonderfully at the Cannes Film Festival - as well as thriller 'The Debt', among others.