The actress' sister, Juliet, took her own life in 2003, just days before Jessica's graduation from drama school Julliard in New York, which she attended thanks to a scholarship from Williams, another suicide victim.

The tragedies have inspired The Huntsman: Winter's War star to do what she can for organisations like To Write Love on Her Arms, where officials are dedicated to providing support for those struggling with depression, addiction, and suicidal thoughts.

In a new interview with Modern Luxury Manhattan, Jessica recalls her troubled sister's death, revealing she had battled drug abuse for years.

"She had a lot of attempted suicides, but you never really think this is going to happen, even though, in your mind, you know it can happen," Jessica tells the publication, "and when you get the call, it's... shocking."

Juliet, who was the actress' only biological sibling, was just 24 when she died in 2003.

Jessica previously told InStyle magazine that her sister's death "completely changed the person I am", adding, "A movie, Oscars, a dress, if someone thinks I'm stupid... I realised nothing is that important."

The tragedy and those of the deaths of her actor friend Philip Seymour Hoffman and Williams, who she never got to properly thank for helping her get into Julliard, has made Jessica cling on to people who are important in her life.

She tells Modern Luxury Manhattan, "If someone gets my heart, then they kind of get me forever."