The Oscar-nominated actress admits she has never fully overcome her childhood timidness, and despite delivering powerful performances onscreen, she is often racked with nerves when she has to face the media.

Jessica confessed nothing had changed as she sat down with show host James Lipton for the recent TV taping, which will air in the U.S. on Wednesday night (21Dec16).

"I'm almost having a breakdown right now," she shared, prompting Lipton to remark, "You're still shy?"

"Yes, I'm so shy," she sighed.

As a kid, The Martian star found her outlet through acting, but she has never enjoyed the attention her work has garnered.

"It's a strange thing," she mused. "Acting for me has never been about wanting attention or wanting to be seen. It's funny that I'm in a profession where that's where I am. There's so much I want to express, it's about connecting with another person and the intimacy of what that is, and so I have to overcome my shyness."

Jessica will have to face another hurdle in one of her upcoming projects as she prepares to play country music singer Tammy Wynette in a new biopic.

She will star alongside Josh Brolin in a film about the Stand By Your Man singer and George Jones, her third husband and duet partner, and although she previously sang a creepy lullaby onscreen for Crimson Peak, she is not looking forward to displaying her full vocal potential in the biopic.

"There's going to be some preparation in terms of music," she told The Huffington Post last month (Nov16). "Listen, I'm an actor who sings. I'm never going to go and open a band. I'm terrified about it. We'll see how it goes when I go and start prep. Who knows? I may not sing. I'm leaving every option open."