Jessica Chastain wants women to talk about their salaries.

The 41-year-old actress has been the face of Woman by Ralph Lauren since its launch in July 2017 because the 'Molly's Game' star says the fragrance ''fits in quite well with [her] entire ideology'' and now she is using her work with the brand to support the Lead Like A Woman campaign to encourage conversations about the gender pay gap between men and women.

And the flame-haired beauty hopes to ''empower women'' by appearing in three short digital videos and expose the ''inequalities'' in various work industries with the initiative which has been created and executed by an all-female cast and crew and was created in partnership with the Women in Film organization.

Speaking to PeopleStyle, she said: ''What I'm excited about is that this will focus on empowering women, and shine a light on inequality in all industries. It's OK to talk about your salary - you don't have to just be grateful that you have a job. And I would just suggest we work together to share as much as we can with our sisters. Knowledge is power.''

Jessica thinks the fragrance itself is ''really special'' because it ''breaks gender stereotypes'' and makes her feel powerful.

''The fragrance celebrates breaking stereotypes and creating new paths of fulfilment and success. Living in a time when gender boundaries are being redefined and blurred, this empowers that.

''Society has stereotyped masculine scents and feminine scents, but when I wear this [woody floral] combination, there's this feeling of not being confined to any old-fashioned history for my gender.''

Although the red carpet regular had to ''use a lot of makeup'' when she was a young star, she now follows a minimal approach to beauty and focuses on being ''kind and compassionate''.

She explained: ''Beauty is not defined by appearance. Makeup can be fun and powerful and striking, but it is not the definition of beauty. I find that beauty is kindness and empathy, and compassion and happiness. To be truly beautiful comes from that light that's in each of us.''