Jessica Chastain thinks Kim Kardashian West is a ''genius''.

The 41-year-old actress has heaped praise on the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star for her business savvy ways, as she said she believes the social media star - who has branched out into beauty lines and even helped create her own app - is ''a very intelligent person''.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jessica said: ''You definitely see that she is a very intelligent person and is learning how to gain control over her life. I mean, she already has it, but especially in media and society.''

The 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' star even went on to praise the rest of the star's famous family - including mother Kris Jenner, sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, and half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner - as she dubbed the reality show royalty as ''the most powerful women in our society''.

Jessica has long been an advocate for feminism and strong females, and recently slammed the use of nudity in Hollywood, as she believes it is not always an actor or actress' decision to be naked on screen.

She said: ''I have no issues with nudity, especially in a lot of European cinema that I adore, but I find that in American cinema, the idea of nudity has always bothered me.

''I realised why: For me, I'm uncomfortable with nudity when it feels like it's not the person's decision to be naked, when it's something that has been put upon them.''

The 'Molly's Game' actress believes forcing a star to take their clothes off for the camera is ''victimisation'', and says nudity should only be shown in movies when the person is ''completely in control of their decisions''.

Speaking to Vulture, she added: ''In a way, I see that as like a victimisation. It trains an audience that exploiting someone in their body should be normal for nudity, when I think the opposite. When people are completely in control of their decisions, that is a really exciting thing. I love the human form - male nudity, female nudity, I'm all about it.''