Jessica Chastain says Al Pacino ''changed'' her as an actress.

The 40-year-old actress first worked with the 77-year-old movie legend in 2011 on the drama movie 'Wild Salome', which Pacino also directed, and Chastain has hailed the moment the pair joined forces as the turning point in her career.

Speaking to ES magazine, the flame-haired beauty - who portrayed Salome in the production - said: ''That was the moment for me. All the film people in LA wanted to see Al Pacino on stage, and oh, who's this girl that no one's ever heard of?'

''He changed me as an actor''.

And the 'Miss Sloane' star has likened her partnership with the 'Scarface' star as a ''student-teacher relationship'', because the pair enjoyed a friendship but Pacino also helped to mentor her.

She continued: ''My film work is because of his friendship and mentorship - that student-teacher relationship.

''He taught me how the camera is connected to your soul. Whatever you're feeling, the camera sees.''

And Chastain has revealed she still keeps in touch with Pacino, who she has admitted is a ''big texter'' and enjoys using emoticons in his messages to her.

She said: ''And yeah, we're still friends. He's a big texter. Loves emojis.''

And in the wake of sexual assault allegations made against filmmakers, including Harvey Weinstein, Chastain does not want people to tarnish other creative mastermind's with the same brush, as she believes there are ''some amazing men'' who want to make the industry a ''better'' and safer place, including Pacino.

She said: '''The Tree of Life' it was huge - personally, emotionally, spiritually. And that's what gets forgotten with all this Weinstein stuff. There are some amazing men who are trying to make things better. Al Pacino was a great mentor and protector. Terrence [Malick, 'The Tree of Life' director] was like a spiritual guide. John Madden [the director of 'Miss Sloane'] too.

''I just want to acknowledge the good guys. Got to try to find the positive.''