Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain and her former college roommate Jess Weixler regularly went dumpster diving in New York City to find shabby chic furniture for their apartment.

Chastain lived with The Good Wife star after the two hopefuls appeared in a Juilliard School play together, and Weixler admits they often found unique ways to decorate their pad on the cheap.

She tells New York Magazine, "We were in every single play together at Juilliard, which is rare. We moved out of the dorms with another girl from our class, and so there were three of us living in a place nearby... The Pottery Barn around the corner used to throw out the furniture that had been their display furniture, and we knew which night they would do this.

"We got this incredible chair, and I still have it. It's made of thick wicker, and it was a beautiful chair... It was garbage to them (store bosses). They had scratched it up, so it couldn't be resold, but we were like, 'We have no idea why Pottery Barn is getting rid of it! We're taking it!'

"We lugged it with all of our strength back to our apartment, which wasn't necessarily that close, considering how heavy it was. So we earned that chair."