Jessica Chastain may not have won an Oscar for her role in The Help (that accolade went to her co-star Octavia Spencer) but the last 12 months have been hugely successful for her, nonetheless. She has gone from a being a relative unknown, to starring in a number of critically acclaimed movies, such as Tree of Life (with Brad Pitt), The Debt, Coriolanus and Take Shelter.
On Monday (February 27, 2012), Brad Balfour of Huffington Post posted a series of interview questions with the Hollywood star, whose popularity continues, to rise. When asked how she got involved in the Help - the film that led her to the Oscars, she explained "I read the script, and loved, loved, loved it. I absolutely connected with [my character] Celia [Foote]. I was bullied a lot when I was a little kid, so she was heartbreaking to me. The idea of playing Celia was really beautiful. I really loved her zest and love for life." Speaking of the bullying that she was on the receiving end of as a child, she explained "I was always a little awkward, a redhead, and very freckly. Kids like to make fun of people who are different. [I didn't have a] community or [was] finding friends until I found theater. If you watch that show Glee, they all find each other and connect. That's what it was like for me!"Chastain also added that she had to gain weight for the role, "I would microwave some vegan ice cream and chug that down when I wasn't gaining. I remember when I first came to rehearsal, they were like, 'you haven't gained enough weight' and I'm like, 'I'm trying!'" It looks as though she managed to shed the weight fairly easily, though, as Jessica has been hailed as one of the red carpet winners from Sunday's awards ceremony (February 26, 2012). Chastain was turning heads in a stunning strapless black and gold Alexander MCQueen gown.