The 39-year-old is one of the biggest names in Hollywood thanks to roles in Zero Dark Thirty, The Help and Interstellar but despite her star status, Jessica isn't looking for her own leading man in the industry.

"I’ve never dated anyone famous," she told Net-a-Porter's summer edition. "I had time before this happened to really watch the industry. I want to be able to have my family and have this normalcy and go see a play and not have the audience watching me watch the play."

Jessica's low-key love life allows people to focus on her career, for which she has receive a Best Actress Golden Globe award and two Academy Award nominations.

The star admits acting has always been her first love, and while many of her teenage friends would fantasise about meeting Mr. Right and getting married, she would daydream about being a famous actress.

"I never dreamed what my wedding dress would look like… but I always dreamed about my Oscars dress," she confessed.

And that's clear as Jessica is always one of the best dressed on the red carpet at the Academy Awards.

However, she hasn't always been a fan of the Hollywood system - she has been on the receiving end of sexism in Tinseltown during her career, and she has become a leading in voice for equal rights.

"When you have both genders represented, then you have a healthier point of view," she explained. "You don’t feel a hierarchy; you don’t have anyone feeling like they are being left out or bullied or humiliated. Sometimes, being the only girl on a set, you can feel like a sexual object."