Jessica Chastain is considering taking a break from acting.

The 'Zero Dark Thirty' actress insists she is ''content'' with her career, but is ready for a ''change'' in her life and the chance to do something else.

She said: ''I feel like something's happening. I feel like a change will soon happen in my life. Maybe I won't act for a few years. I'm happy, I'm content, but I could do something else for a bit.''

But Jessica - who has been in a relationship with Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo since 2012 - refused to be drawn on whether her comments mean she is ready to have children.

Speaking to Net-A-Porter's The Edit magazine, she said: ''I want people to be more interested in my work than my personal life. I want to disappear into the characters I'm playing and not have the audience say, 'Oh, she's going through a divorce right now.' ''

In the near future, the 39-year-old actress is looking forward to spending Christmas with her boyfriend.

She said: ''I have two weeks off from filming and we're just going to go to Italy, drink wine, eat pasta and sleep all the time. Heaven.''

When she was younger, the 'Help' star was desperate to change her distinctive red hair.

She admitted: ''I didn't like looking different. Being a redhead, you can't fit into the group. I wanted to be blonde so bad.

''I had really bad self-esteem and I asked my mom if I could dye my hair but she wouldn't let me.''

But these days, Jessica embraces her differences.

She said: ''I called my company Freckle Films because it was something I used to hate about myself. But I want to make movies about our differences as a society so that's why I called it that. Now, I celebrate it.''