Actress Jessica Biel's constant screaming while filming movie remake THE Texas Chainsaw Massacre left her with such a sore throat, she ended up expressing her terror in silence.

The brunette screen beauty, 21, admits her voice couldn't keep up with the movie's demand, so she decided to cheat and get a little help from technology.

She says, "My voice would just stop working, but I'd have more screaming to do. So I would strain my mouth wide open and let as much air out as I could (so they could dub it in later).

"You feel really silly not actually screaming."

And feeling ridiculous wasn't the only peril she faced.

She explains, "A spark from one of the chainsaws burned through my jeans once and I yelled, 'Cut!' A lightbulb exploded over my head and shards of glass were embedded in my shoulder."

27/10/2003 16:58