Jessica Biel writes poetry to relax.

The 'Total Recall' actress - who is engaged to Justin Timberlake - says penning her own verses helps her stay in touch with her spiritual side.

She said: ''I like being able to write when I find the time to get into it.

''I love reading poetry and I've written poetry myself since I was in school.

''It's very calming and spiritual to be able to get in touch with emotions and states of mind to write poetry.''

As well as writing, the 30-year-old beauty - who scaled Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in January 2010 to raise awareness of environmental issues - loves spending time outdoors, which she believes stems from her upbringing.

She added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: ''My father was always telling me to go outside and appreciate nature.

''I was raised by hippie kind of parents and the wild and open spaces were something I was taught to value. I had a really great childhood and I still love being outdoors and having a healthy respect for nature.

''That's one of the reasons I wanted to go to Kilimanjaro to draw attention to the issue of global warming.

''It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life but I'm glad I made the Journey. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.''