Jessica Biel is ''worried'' about her son following in her footsteps.

The 'Total Recall' star admits she is concerned about her two-year-old son Silas Randall - who she shares with her husband Justin Timberlake - taking a leaf out of his parents' books and going into the showbiz industry because she doesn't want him to face rejection.

She said: ''I don't know if it's a fear. He's constantly surrounded by music and the arts, so it's a very good possibility that he's going to be interested in those things.

''I obviously worry because you'd never want your kid to feel rejection the way you sometimes feel in the business, or feel that they're being compared to someone else or have to look a certain way. Those pressures exist.

''So more than the art itself, it's the surrounding elements that as a parent, you'd be worried for your kid. You'd want them to be supported and happy, and not criticised. But that's the nature of the beast, really.''

And when it comes to her own career, Jessica is much pickier about the roles she takes on now as she doesn't want to be too far away from her family for long periods.

She added to USA Today: ''I definitely find that I'm way more picky simply because of the time commitment. More than anything, you want to spend time with your family and it's such a full body-and-soul experience being an actor that you have to pick wisely. Otherwise, you're just gone all the time and that's not what I want ...

''[It's] an ongoing balancing act that maybe you never 100 percent master. We're always working day in and day out to find that good balance. And Justin, I love the way he always puts it. He's like, 'Yeah, you get married, but you still have to date each other. That's really important.'

''I think we do a really good job of, even though we're really busy, taking one day a week and having a date night or taking a vacation just the two of us, and then making sure we have a family thing set up. You just have to make it a priority, really, because it's easy for all of that stuff to get put on the wayside.''