Jessica Biel says getting married to Justin Timberlake won't change a thing in her life.

The 'Total Recall' actress is set to wed the handsome actor-and-singer later this year and while she's looking forward to being his wife, she thinks her everyday life will remain largely the same.

She said: ''I don't think our marriage will change anything.

''I'm almost never home. But when I am home, I enjoy cooking.''

However, Jessica - who split from Justin briefly last year before the pair reunited - admits that when the couple decide to start a family, being a working mother may prove to be difficult.

She told French magazine Gala: ''It will be a challenge finding a balance between my private life, family and work, and I'm ready.''

But Jessica says she and Justin won't be rushing into starting a family as they want to enjoy their first few months of married life on their own.

She said: ''I'm someone who lets things happen naturally. For me, getting married doesn't mean we should limit ourselves to some predefined idea. Rather, it's an opportunity to explore new things in life.''