Jessica Biel wants to play Justin Timberlake's enemy in a film.

The 'Total Recall' actress would love to star alongside her husband-to-be but would prefer if they didn't play a couple on screen.

When asked if they would appear in a movie together, Jessica told Celebs on Sunday magazine: ''I think if it happens, it happens. We're definitely not searching for it, but if we can find something that's exciting for us both, then yeah. I mean, we want to be careful about playing a couple in a movie, I'm not sure about that, but playing enemies could be cool.''

Justin started his career as a pop singer before moving into films - appearing in 'The Social Network' and 'Alpha Dog' among others - and Jessica says being engaged to an actor makes it easier on their relationship.

She added: ''I think it is [easier being engaged to a star] because you understand what the other person is going through. You understand when they can't call because they area actually on set or whatever. But the schedules can be a nightmare.''

Jessica, 30, is also not nervous ahead of her big day, rumoured to be taking place later this year.

She added: ''I don't' have much planned so I'm just enjoying this moment of being engaged, it's a wonderful moment. I think the nerves will probably come I'm sure there will be a time when I feel kind of nervous about it, but now, I just don't. I don't know why, I think probably just because it's right for me.''