Jessica Biel revealed to Grazia how she loves nothing more than indulging in junk food and was quick to purchase a bucket of fried chicken when she finished filming for the remake of 'Total Recall'.
To get in good shape for her part as Melina in the film, she subjected herself to a strict fitness and diet plan but was relieved when she completed filming because she no longer had to worry about her figure. 'I love anything fried', she told the magazine. 'I trained for months for 'Total Recall', ate really healthily and didn't drink alcohol. When it was over I ate a big bucket of fried chicken.' Biel, 30, does, however, enjoy exercise and loves to wind down with a spot of yoga or go on hiking and ski strips whenever she gets the chance. 'Taking a yoga class at the end of a day's work. That helps me to completely unwind', she said.
Despite feeling relieved and happy that she could now gorge herself to her heart's content, she admitted to OK! Magazine that she was positively beaming on the movie set. 'There were moments when Colin [Farrell] and I would be in those over cars looking at each other just beaming', she said. 'We have the best job. I can't believe I'm getting paid to drive this car!'