Jessica Biel was ''selfish'' before she met Justin Timberlake.

The 'Sinner' star admitted she was always focused on her career and never thought of settling down and raising a family until she met the 'Suit and Tie' star in 2007 - five years before they got married - and her focus shifted.

Speaking candidly in a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' with fans, she explained: ''I didn't grow up dreaming about having kids and having a family. I was so focused on my career and so focused on my selfish existence, haha, but I think meeting my husband inspired me.

''One day I just woke up and knew it's what I wanted to do and it's been the hardest, greatest thing ever and I wouldn't give it up for the world.''

Jessica - who has two-year-old son Silas with her spouse - was also asked what a typical day in the life is like for the superstar pairing, and it sounded surprisingly ordinary.

She wrote: ''Up early, breakfast at home... Maybe head to a park and play. Everybody naps at nap time. Maybe a play date in the afternoon. Then mommy and daddy go out on a hot date.''

The 35-year-old star even dished the dirt on her 36-year-old husband's famous ''bromance'' with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon - and joked she doesn't care about their closeness.

She quipped: ''Oh no, I'm not jealous that every waking moment they can spend together they do.

''Oh no and I'm not jealous that every time Justin can go on the show he does. Oh no, I'm not jealous that they ride tandem bikes together.

''Oh no, I'm not jealous that they sing and rap together. Oh I'm not jealous they they go to camp together. OH NO, I'M NOT JEALOUS AT ALL!!!(sic)''