Jessica Biel would be a ''depressive mess'' if it wasn't for her family.

The 35-year-old actress relies heavily on her husband Justin Timberlake and their two-year-old son Silas for support, and has said she would be a ''blob on the floor'' after filming gruelling scenes for new series 'The Sinner' - in which she plays a young mother who commits an act of violence with no explanation - if she didn't have such a close bond with her family.

She told People magazine: ''I do not want to bring that home. It is so intense. Thank goodness for [my family] because otherwise I'd be a depressive mess, like a blob on the floor eating cake balls consistently. I come back and I have fun and I smile and I get to be silly because at work, I don't get to do that.''

The 'Total Recall' actress - who married 36-year-old Justin in 2012 - recently said motherhood has made her ''more emotional and more sensitive'', and has ''informed everything in her life''.

She said: ''I don't know if that sounds kind of goofy. I just feel like I'm always ready for anything and everything at this point. Motherhood informs everything in your life. I'm more emotional, more sensitive, more everything to the world.''

However, she also believes motherhood is the ''most challenging job in the world''.

She said: ''It's sometimes hard to find the words [to describe motherhood]. So amazing. So lovely. I'm over the moon. Honestly, I would say motherhood [is the most difficult role I've done]. It's probably the most challenging job in the world, but also the most joyous ... If I had to pick one [of my favourite moments] it would be when Silas' waking up from his nap. He looks up and sighs and I can feel his smile from deep inside. That feels like pure magic.''