Actress Jessica Biel jetted to an Austrian spa with a friend in order to relax before marrying Justin Timberlake.

Biel wed The Social Network star in Italy last month (Oct12), and the 30 year old reveals she was so overwhelmed organising the nuptials, she took off to a health resort with a pal to de-stress just before her big day.

But the actress admits the experience was traumatising - because she ended up sharing a sauna with two naked strangers.

She tells U.S. late night host David Letterman, "Right before the wedding I kind of convinced a girlfriend of mine to sneak off with me to this little, tiny, obscure Alpine lodge in Austria. Because I was already in Europe working... So we get there, and it's looking beautiful, the Alps are surrounding us. It's supposed to be a spa kind of place, so we get our bathing suits on, and our robes and our towels and we go to... the sauna. My friend leaves to go get some water and I'm relaxing on the middle bed in the three-tiered sauna and in walk two husky Austrian men... So I just laid there... in my bikini, in my robe, in my towel, and my slippers... and they drop their towel, they are butt naked. Completely naked...

"I was so stunned, I was having this internal conniption, I just laid there, sandwiched in between these (men). And so my friend comes back in with the water and sees me there completely stiff, not knowing what to do, sort of yells my name... and I ran out of there as fast as I possibly could... It was intense, I'm still recovering from it."