Jessica Biel doesn't want her son to follow in his parents' footsteps and join the showbiz industry.

The 'Total Recall' star - who has 21-month-old son Silas with her husband Justin Timberlake - thinks he has probably inherited the ''entertainment gene'' but admits it is very ''challenging being an artist''.

She said: ''He's probably [inherited] the entertainment gene. He's definitely very charming.

''It's such a challenging existence being an artist. It's hard. I just want him to be happy whatever he does.''

Justin, 35, worked alongside Jessica on her latest movie 'The Book of Love' to provide the soundtrack and the 34-year-old actress was hopeful she might be able to be a ''mean lady boss'' to him.

She explained: ''I was hoping I was going to be able to be this mean lady boss and be like, 'No, I don't like that cue, change it.' But no, I was like, 'This is amazing. I love it. Whatever you want.'''

Jessica filmed the movie whilst heavily pregnant with Silas and director Bill Purple admits his ''entire being was terrified'' as he didn't want to induce labour.

Speaking to E! News at the film's premiere, he shared: ''I was terrified. My entire being was terrified.

''All I cared about, as much as I was trying to focus on the film, was just don't induce labor. We took all the precautions we could ... We did the best to make her comfortable. She was a trooper.''

Meanwhile, Jessica previously admitted motherhood is the ''most challenging job in the world''.

She explained: ''It's sometimes hard to find the words [to describe motherhood]. So amazing. So lovely. I'm over the moon. Honestly, I would say motherhood [is the most difficult role I've done]. It's probably the most challenging job in the world, but also the most joyous.''