Actress Jessica Biel was abducted by her friends on her 25th birthday and taken on a terrifying bar crawl. The Illusionist star, who has been romantically linked to pop star Justin Timberlake since the beginning of the year (07), hit the town blindfolded and nearly naked when her pals decided to play roulette with alcohol. She explains, "My friends are completely insane... They literally tackled me on my bed, handcuffed me, blindfolded me, threw me in a car and then, basically, they started asking me these questions about our friendship - stuff I should know about their families and things we have done together. "Everytime I got it (question) wrong, I had to take a shot and then I got some sort of weird piece of clothing; I got a roller skate at one point, I got a wig, I got a sea-shell bra... "We basically went from bar to bar to bar (but) bear in mind I'm wearing now two roller skates, a crazy wig, (I'm) completely blindfolded."