Actress Jessica Biel felt honoured to help a voluntary group re-fit the home of a disabled war veteran to make it wheelchair accessible.

The ELIZABETHTOWN star, who has a cousin stationed in Iraq, joined Serving Those Who Serve, to adapt the house of ROBERT BONNER who lost both his legs during the war in Iraq.

She says, "It's really important to me to give back to the veterans, to the men and women whose lives have been upended with disabilities or are even just trying to get back to their normal lives.

"It felt good to be able to put a face to a name and see the family that has been going through major changes and trying to get their life back to what it was before he left for war.

"What the public don't understand is how much (our troops) have gone through and how difficult it is to regain normalcy in life, especially with a disability."

"Now I see how much these soldiers need to know that we support them, respect them and honour them."