Movie beauty Jessica Biel is already suffering the adverse effects of the ageing process, at the age of 26.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre star is a fitness fanatic, but she fears she will have to slow down her exercise regime because she's waking up each morning stiff and in pain.
She tells Britain's Marie Claire magazine, "I feel my knees changing - like, why do I have this pain when I'm running on the treadmill? What's going on with my lower back when I wake up in the morning? I just feel changes.
"And I'm definitely fearful in a very vain manner about my body aging. I think it's freaky weird to look at a picture of your grandmother when she was a young woman and look at her now."
But Biel, who is dating Justin Timberlake, has no intention of undergoing surgery to preserve her looks.
She adds, "I am really afraid of blades on my face. Freaks me out beyond belief. I would way rather have wrinkles than have some slice-up going on."