Lionsgate did not screen The Eye for critics -- apparently assuming that they would loathe it. As it turned out, they were right. Not only did they not like the movie, several did not even like Jessica Alba, whose cover image has sold millions of men's magazines. Peter Howell in the Toronto Star warned: "Strapping lads who flock to The Eye hoping to lay peepers upon a bikini-clad Jessica Alba are in for a cruel disappointment." Jan Stuart in Newsday suggested it's a disappointment in more ways than one. He calls her "a vapid beauty with a singular gift for making bad acting look effortless. What the movie really wants," Stuart commented, "is someone with the personality quirks to make a dopey script look credible." Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel faulted her for giving "a flat, utterly unaffecting performance." And Wesley Morris in the Boston Globe commented, "As a performer, Alba still seems to be figuring out what she's good at."