Jessica Alba doesn't want her daughter to see 'The Killer Inside Me'.

The 29-year-old actress reveals she doesn't want Honor Marie, two, to see the movie - which sees her play a prostitute who is beaten to death - even when she is an adult.

She told Premiere: "I don't think it's appropriate for her to ever see this movie even when she is an adult.

"I knew that I wasn't always going to be making movies that she should see. It's part of my own expression as an artist. This is where I went at this time, I was being true to myself in that moment. I hope my daughter is making choices that are connected and authentic in whatever she pursues in her life."

'The Killer Inside Me', which also stars Casey Affleck and Kate Hudson, was placed on a limited release in the US on June 25, and has so far only taken $50,000 at the box office, despite a production budget of $13 million.

Internationally it has grossed $437,000 in cinemas.