Jessica Alba used to have a lot of "bizarre inner turmoil" when she was growing up.

The actress - who is currently pregnant with her second child - says she has become more relaxed as she's got older and worries less because she's accepted who she is.

She said: "I like getting older. I like who I am now. I had so much bizarre inner turmoil, weird stuff in my head, questioning things, trying to find my way, navigate with acting and myself as a person, a woman. All that stuff is behind me. I'm so happy and I can just breathe and be." 

Jessica - who already has a three-year-old daughter, Honor, with husband Cash Warren - says she keeps it together by surrounding herself with friends and family and not feeling guilty.

She told website Hollyscoop: "I definitely have help for sure. You try and surround yourself with great people that are supportive and loving. I definitely don't balance it all very well. I feel like there's something I'm always compromising, but I try the best I can." 

While she wouldn't want to go back to how she used to be, the 30-year-old beauty says she would want to relive falling on with her husband and giving birth to Honor.

She said: "Falling in love is always fun. Having my daughter again. The physical pain is nothing like the joy."