Jessica Alba believes there is a strong link between looking beautiful and feeling good.

The 'Good Luck Chuck' star was told by her mother as a child that physical beauty stems from inner resolve and she is convinced being happy with yourself helps you look your best.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine, Jessica said: ''Beauty reflects your inner strength and your best self, whether you have make-up and hair done or not. I take the 10 minutes (true story!) of my morning make-up routine to check in and remind myself that I've got this - whatever 'this' is.''

Despite believing in the benefits of high self-esteem, the 33-year-old actress does take special care of her skin because it is ''the canvas for everything''.

She explained: ''Staying hydrated is where it starts, from drinking water to using a humidifier, and wearing moisturiser and sunscreen is definitely part of my daily ritual.''

Jessica - who is married to Cash Warren and has two young daughters, Honor and Haven - also revealed her grandmother was one of her style icons growing up.

She explained: ''My mother was really into beauty and she still is. She was raised in the South in a house full of women, so she never leaves the house without her face on!

''I was more of a tomboy growing up, so I probably took after my grandmother when it comes to beauty.''