Jessica Alba wants her children to see her ''failing'', so they can understand ''resilience''.

The 38-year-old actress has Honor, 11, Haven, seven, and Hayes, 17 months, with her husband Cash Warren, and has said it's important for her to teach her children about accepting failures and getting back up again, which she does through showing them her consumer goods company The Honest Company.

She said: ''You teach them by doing, and what's cool is I didn't start off with anything. My kids see that I had an idea and I made that idea become something. Your kids watching you go through the process of failing and pivoting and moving forward and facing challenges, and figuring it out shows them resilience. It shows them that they can then have an idea and create the reality that they want to have.''

Jessica works hard at balancing her work life with her personal one, and says making sure her children understand her journey is ''very important'' to her.

She added to People magazine: ''I think we all are trying to figure out, like, how much do you put into the thing that keeps you stimulated, keeps you excited and keeps you motivated? And then how much do you put into your personal [life] and raising them and instilling values and knowing that most of what you say - what goes in and out - and everything you do is what lands with them?

''I think that's very important and something that people don't always talk about with women. People always talk about that with men and people are never asking men, 'How do you have a family and have a career and how do you balance it all?'''