Jessica Alba brings her children to work with her.

The actress-turned-entrepreneur takes her daughters, Honor, five, and Haven, three, into the office where she works as Chief Inspiration Officer at her lifestyle brand The Honest Company.

She said: ''I do it so at lunch time I can sneak in some time with the kiddos.''

Although this is not the average mother's lifestyle, Hollywood star Jessica describes herself as a ''normal working mum of two kids''.

Jessica - who is married to movie producer Cash Warren - admits she struggles to find the right balance between work and motherhood and she'd love to get some pointers on how to manage her life better.

She explained to Style magazine: ''I don't manage it at all. If you know someone who does, give me some pointers, because I am constantly trying to figure it out. So long as my kids are healthy, I'm happy, then I am free to be at the office or on a set.

''But I'm always compromising something. I'm never 100 per cent with everything all the time. You have to cut yourself some slack. Perfect is being imperfect.''

Although she is still busy with her movie career - with three films out this year including 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' - she maintains Honest is where her ''work is now''.