Jessica Alba stole her parents' car when she was 12.

The 'Sin City' actress has revealed she was a wild child and drove her parents crazy with her rebellious antics, including going for joy rides in the family car and drinking alcohol when she was just 11.

In a joint interview with her mother Cathy on 'Entertainment Tonight', the 32-year-old screen beauty confessed she and a boyfriend experimented with alcohol, saying: ''We accidentally drank Wild Turkey [whiskey]. How old was I? 11?''

The star's mum retorted: ''It's a little shocking. You drank Wild Turkey in sixth grade?!''

But the 'Spy Kids 4' actress' list of offences don't end there - she also admitted to taking her parents' car out for a spin, but rather than hitting the open road, Jessica would settle for the local drive-thru.

She told her mother: ''Do you remember when I used to steal the car and go to Jack in the Box? We would go and get food. That was our activity. I was 12.''

Despite her trouble-filled childhood, Cathy is proud of how her A-list daughter - who now has two daughters of her own, Honor, four, and 21-month-old Haven, with husband Cash Warren - has blossomed into a doting mother herself.

She said tearfully: ''When I see her look at her babies with that unconditional love... I love you, pumpkin.''