Jessica Alba's daughter didn't like her playing a baddie.

The 32-year-old actress - who has daughters Honor, five, and Haven, two, with husband Cash Warren - had a lot of fun voicing villainous Lena in 'Escape From Planet Earth' but her eldest child asked her to consider a different role for her next project.

She exclusively told MailOnline: ''My daughter was three and a half when she first saw the movie and now she's five. But she was mainly really confused about why I was playing the baddie. She was like, 'Is she evil?' And then she said, 'Are you?' So I said, 'Honor, it's just fun, it's just a movie - it's like playing dress up.'

''But she said, 'Why does she have to be bad? Next time, can you play the nice one?' I couldn't really tell her that it was actually fun to play the baddie!''

Jessica also insisted being a working mother isn't too difficult because she is able to balance her personal and professional lives by not taking on too much.

She said: ''It doesn't really take that much time to do a movie. Some movies that I do I can do in a week, and you can shoot all of your stuff in that time.

''And then others you can do two days here, two days there. I'm about to do two movies back to back but they're both in LA and they're both about four weeks each, and I think that's all I'm going to do this year. It's actually kind of OK.''