Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company to prove she is more than just an actress.

The 36-year-old businesswoman decided to broaden her horizons and launch her wellness label in 2011 to prove to people she can be successful in other sectors outside of the film industry, and because she doesn't think there are a lot of women with a ''multi-hyphen job description''.

Speaking to about her career, the brunette beauty said: ''There aren't a lot of women who have multi-hyphen job descriptions or have done many different things in their careers and have been successful in them.

''It's more, 'I always knew I had it in me and you didn't believe in me and now hopefully you see something or your perspective is different, and you're judging things differently. And hopefully, you're opening your eyes up to what is possible.'''

And the 'Fantastic Four' star felt she needed people to see the outcome of her other business ventures to change their perception of her.

She said: ''I think when you start off and you're known in one career, for people's perception to be changed, they sort of need to see it to believe it.

''When I was known for an action franchise or a something like that, then it was like, 'That's all you can do.' So then I decided to do a dance movie for young girls called 'Honey'. It was the antithesis of a hardcore action heroine, which is what I was known as. And then I wanted to do comedy because I knew that that was going to be so different to the superhero people knew me for.''

The mogul has admitted she feels a ''quiet satisfaction'' that she boasts a successful career in front of the camera, as well as with her skincare and beauty business.

She added: ''It's more of a quiet satisfaction.''