Jessica Alba thinks she may have met her husband in a past life.

The 'Little Fockers' actress - who gave birth to second daughter, Haven Garner, on Saturday (13.08.11) - felt like she and her spouse were already "family" when they met on the set of 'Fantastic Four' in 2004, despite having never crossed paths before.

Asked whether she is open to the idea of reincarnation, Jessica replied: "I'm not closed to that possibility. I definitely felt like I knew my husband when I met him. It was an instant comfort when I met him. I felt like we were family."

While the couple didn't plan to have their three-year-old daughter Honor Marie, the 30-year-old star admits it has made their Bond "deeper".

She added to Style magazine: "It just happened and we were like, 'OK, let's do this. It's made our bond deeper. It's creating a life that you created with someone else that makes everything more solid."

However, Jessica is not preoccupied with the idea of getting her pre-baby body back after giving birth, as she is "happier" with her physique than ever.

She explained: "I'm much happier with my body than I've ever been. It's different, but it's fine. I had a different association with my body and what perfection was when I was younger."