The 34-year-old actress and businesswoman admits it was her lifelong battle to find well-made denim which inspired her to collaborate on the new venture.

"I remember having to lay down to button up those tiny Daisy Duke shorts because I had a big booty," she told Vogue magazine. "I had to squeeze into my friends' jeans because my mom wouldn't buy them for me.

"My inspiration for most things in life is always the '90s supermodels: Cindy (Crawford), Naomi (Campbell), Claudia (Schiffer). Those bodies! Lately I've been getting back into bell-bottoms, but high-waisted and not too flared. The jeans that I'm designing are going to celebrate women's bodies and show off those curves."

Jessica will be designing between eight and 10 pieces for DL1961's Fall 2016 line, with the items going on sale from August (16).

As a busy mother of two and entrepreneur, Jessica wears denim on a day to day basis. And as a red carpet regular, it's also not unheard of for Jessica to also sport the material at these events.

"I wear so much of it (denim)," she said. "And there's nothing like finding the perfect pair of jeans. I live in Southern California and people aren't too fussy out here, so wearing jeans out to dinner or an event isn't out of the question.

"You can throw on a great blazer, a blouse, and a pump and that's just as acceptable as a cocktail dress."

The Sin City actress has found huge success with her environmentally friendly business, the Honest Company, so when it came to teaming up with a brand, Jessica had to make sure they had the same moral outlook as her.

"DL1961 is a thoughtful company in the way they go about creating denim, and that angle was important to me as well," she added. "The fabric stretches to your body and shape but doesn't get baggier throughout the day."

In order to create their items, DL1961 use a unique method that allows them to make denim using half the dye, half the water and therefore half the energy than it does to make traditional denim.