Jessica Alba was stunned to learn a Chinese girl planned to undergo cosmetic surgery to look more like the actress, branding the superfan's quest "bizarre".
A 21 year old, known only as Xiaoqing, admitted last year (10) she wanted to transform her looks in a desperate bid to win back her former boyfriend, whose favourite actress is Alba - and she was offered a cosmetic overhaul for free by surgeons in Shanghai.
The Sin City star reached out to the girl to plead with her not to change her appearance and Xiaoqing gave up her operation plans.
Alba has now addressed the controversy, telling America's Allure magazine, "That's just so bizarre."
She adds, "The physical is so fleeting anyway. And when you're in a relationship, the physical lasts for, maximum, two years. And then you don't care how attractive (sic) you are to that person - if they drive you nuts, they drive you nuts."