Jessica Alba won't complain about the paparazzi because it would make her seem like an "a*shole".

The 28-year-old actress does find it "awkward" to constantly be followed by photographers, but realises it's part of being a famous actress.

Jessica - who has a 22-month-old daughter Honor Marie with her husband Cash Warren - told Total Film magazine: "It is what it is. But if I don't leave the house, I don't go anywhere and there's no point in doing that.

"I'm a person! I think if you complain about it you seem like an a*shole. More of an a*shole than if you just go with it. It's not like you ever get used to it - it's like having sex with the camera in front of you - it's just awkward!"

Discussing nudity on screen, Jessica claims the sadomasochistic sex scenes in her new movie 'The Killer Inside Me' were scary to shoot.

She said: "It's terrifying, it's awful. As much as you're setting up an environment, you're still like, 'There's a camera pointing at me!' I had pasties on and undies on, I was never naked. But still it's weird - especially with a stranger. But then running in heels and firing a gun isn't easy either!"