Jessica Alba has made a charity donation to apologise for putting up shark conservation posters.

The Hollywood beauty - who was criticised last week when photographs emerged of her posing in front of buildings covered in giant images of the killer fish - has written a cheque for the United Way of Central Oklahoma charity.

Erin Brewer, from the community organisation, said: "We're very pleased she made a contribution. The money will go toward various good works around Oklahoma City."

Photographs of the 28-year-old actress smiling and holding a pot of glue in front of a defaced bridge, electricity box and advertising billboards appeared online last week.

A Billboard advertising United Way was one of those vandalised in the incident.

It is unknown exactly how much the star has donated, but it is believed to be around $9,000.

The posters are believed to have been distributed by White Mike, a group who aim to raise awareness about the conservation and protection of Great White sharks.

Earlier this week, police confirmed Jessica will not face charges of vandalism because property owners have accepted her apology.

She said sorry for becoming involved in the incident and called her behaviour "spontaneous and ill-advised".

She added: "I sincerely apologise to the citizens of Oklahoma City and to the United Way for my involvement in this incident."