Jessica Alba says Angelina Jolie is her role model.

The 29-year-old actress accepts she is considered for specific roles because she is sexy but she wants to be known for her ability as well as her beauty like the 'Salt' star.

She said: "My role model is Angelina Jolie. She's so beautiful and has an incredible career. People talk more about her film career and her humanitarian work than about her looks."

The Hollywood star is now determined to move away from her sex siren reputation and take on roles that will challenge both her and the audience.

She added: "Even though my looks have helped me get parts, I've always tried to find roles that get past the stereotypes. Now I think I'm in a position to make that philosophy pay off.

"I want to distance myself from roles more geared to how I look in a sexy outfit. My goal is to work with the best directors out there. I've always taken my career seriously and I want to do work I can be proud of."

Jessica can next be seen in 'Machete' - in which her character, immigrations officer Sartana Rivera, stabs a love rival in the eye with a stiletto heel - and comedy sequel 'Little Fockers'.