Sexy actress Jessica Alba became highly embarrassed while enjoying a drunken day out for her mother's birthday, when she bumped into ELLEN DeGENERES.

SIN CITY star Alba's mother planned a group day trip to southern California's wine country because she wanted to relive the movie SIDEWAYS for her birthday.

But as a limousine dropped the merry Alba clan off at a restaurant, the family's "organised way to get drunk" took an embarrassing turn when the actress realised that DeGeneres - whose chat show she'd appeared on just days later - was also there.

She says, "Walking (into the restaurant) and not expecting to see Ellen and then seeing Ellen, my parents are huge fans, so like they're being loud.

"I'm like, 'Dad, be quiet, I'm doing her show! It's so embarrassing!' He's like, 'I know! She's right over there... Isn't that weird she's right behind us?' I'm like, 'Dad, shut up! She can hear!' So like we had this whole conversation for about an hour."

DeGeneres adds, "I was saying the same thing to my friends, like, 'Jessica Alba's right over there and she's doing the show!'"