Jessica Alba keeps her hair dark because she hates having to get her roots died.

The 'Machete' beauty - who is known for her exotic looks - has experimented with lighter locks, but feels happier with brown tresses because the upkeep is easier

She said: "I'm enjoying being brunette again as I hate getting my roots done. It was so annoying because that's not who I am. I'm the girl who wears a pony tail and baseball cap every day."

Despite opting for simple hairstyles, the 29-year-old actress - who has two-year-old daughter Honor - believes her style is normally "funky" but "modest".

She explained: "Classic, elegant and a little funky. Yeah, I'm kind of modest in my fashion choices: I'm not somebody who puts on push-up bras and mini-skirts. I've played those girls in movies, but I've never been that girl.

"I've always had curves, especially since having Honor. I used to feel embarrassed by them, but now I feel just like a woman."

Jessica also revealed how she has a penchant for designer splurges, and loves luxury clothes.

She told the Metro newspaper: "There's not much I don't like by Prada especially their shoes and dresses. I like Marc Jacobs bags. For casual wear, I like Juicy Couture, Diesel and Triple 5 Soul. One of my favourite dresses was one by Versace which I wore to the Mtv Movie Awards."