Jessica Alba was left red-faced filming her kiss with Ashton Kutcher for upcoming movie VALENTINE'S DAY - her chewing gum almost fell out of her mouth during the steamy scene.
The married actress admits locking lips with her Hollywood pal was "awkward" to shoot - but the scene was made even more uncomfortable when a glob of her gum got stuck on her lip as Kutcher leaned in for a smooch.
She explains, "Whenever I'm nervous I have gum on the roof of my mouth - so I had it (during the scene) and my mouth got dry because I was nervous because I knew I was going to kiss Ashton. It got powdery and it got on my lip during my close-up."
Comedian Kutcher spotted the sticky situation and refused to let Alba's blooper go unnoticed.
She adds, "He (Kutcher) called me out in front of the whole crew. It was really embarrassing."