SIN CITY star Jessica Alba was on such strong drugs to combat her chronic childhood asthma, her overall health suffered.

The sexy 24-year-old could barely sleep due to her medication's side effects, and the exhaustion and weight gain quickly took its toll.

She recalls, "I was an insomniac until I was 18. If I was lucky I would sleep a couple of hours a night.

"When I was a child it was a lot worse. Part of it was a side effect of the asthma medication, which worked rather like an amphetamine, speeding up the blood supply to my lungs. I had such severe asthma that I had to take a really high dose.

"When it got even worse I was put on steroids. I gained almost 20 pounds. Being seven years old and gaining 20 pounds was so unfair."

08/07/2005 12:14