Hollywood siren Jessica Alba had to repay director Robert Rodriguez's decision to cast her in smash hit movie Sin City by choreographing her own sexy dance routine.

The HONEY actress was so desperate to play the part of stripper NANCY CALLAHAN, she convinced Rodriguez to let her transform herself from a dark Latina to the naive blonde - but the film-maker made her prove her acting ability.

Rodriguez left Alba to create her own sexy lasso dance all on her own - and she happily accepted the challenge.

The 24-year-old says, "He just said to me, 'Did you ever see Salma Hayek do a snake dance in my film FROM DUSK TIL DAWN?' I told him I did, and it was the sexiest scene I've ever seen.

"He said, 'Salma did not need a choreographer for that - and neither do you.' So I was left to rehearse myself, stripped down to my underwear, in front of the full-length mirror in my hotel room.

"I thought, 'You asked for this role: now show that you can do it.'"

27/06/2005 09:30