Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba is putting an end to her raunchy reputation - she's vowed never to disrobe on camera. The newly-single actress is renowned for her role as sexy stripper Nancy Callahan in 2005's Sin City, but the star has yet to go nude in a movie - and she won't ever do so on film. She says, "I'm attracted to roles that are more innocent. I haven't done a sex scene and I've never done nudity." And Alba, 26, added she is disgusted by actresses who do, adding: "I like to get away from those mouthy and in-your-face (people)." The Fantastic Four star famously threatened to sue Playboy magazine when she appeared on the cover of the March 2006 issue among its 25 Sexiest Celebrities. She complained the publication had used her image (from a promotional shot for movie Into the Blue) without her consent, allegedly giving the appearance she was featured in the issue in a "nude pictorial". The lawsuit was later dropped after receiving a personal apology from Playboy owner Hugh Hefner, who agreed to make donations to two charities which Alba supported.