Jessica Alba made a nine-year-old heart disease patient's dreams come true recently, by becoming her best friend for the day.
The mother of Alina Kent, who suffers from the potentially fatal condition mitral valve regurgitation, wrote to the Kids Wish Network last year (07) explaining how her daughter dreamed of being an actress, like her idol Alba.
The organisation contacted Alba and arranged for Adina and her mother Vina to fly to Los Angeles and spend a day with the star.
The pair spent time getting makeovers in a salon, and then hit Beverly Hills' famous boutiques, even buying and exchanging friendship necklaces.
Adina tells Star magazine, "I wanted to meet Jessica because I really look up to her. I was so excited when I first saw her, I was jumping up and down.
"She was everything I thought's she'd be and more. She was like the big sister I've always wanted."