HONEY star Jessica Alba has infuriated her father with her sexy spread in the latest issue of men's magazine GQ.

Alba is the covergirl for the American publication's April (05) issue, but her barely-covered curves on show on the inside pages has left her dad extremely unimpressed.

She says, "When you're in the moment you don't really think about the results.

"I called my father and I said, 'Dad, I sorta did this naked kind of photoshoot thing, but hear me out - it's not bad, it's very tasteful. It's for GQ. I'm not showing anything really.'

"And then he was like, 'What? Really?' And I said, 'Yeah, maybe you shouldn't look at it. Like maybe none of your friends should look at it either and then you won't have a problem with it!'

"He actually saw it and he said, 'It's a lot worse than I thought! Why would you disrespect me like that? Now everyone's gonna see you like that!' I was like, 'I'm sorry, dad!'"

24/03/2005 03:05